Spicy Fruit Spreads

Arawak Farm® Spicy Fruit Spreadsrepresent the next generation of fruit spreads. Theyprovide unique and flavorful combinations with a hint of Habanero pepper. We provide the consumer with a Vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, low-sugar but flavorful alternative to traditional spicy fruit-based condiments.

Unlike traditional fruit-based products that are presently available in the marketplace, our Spicy Fruit Spreads deliver thick, velvety textures with lower sugar content. As a culinary spread, our Spicy Fruit Spreads are great as a glaze on roasted meats, an added surprise filling for puff pastry, or warmed and poured over ice cream. Simpler recipes can useArawak Farm® Spicy Fruit Spreads on a toasted bagel with butter or cream cheese or mixed into your BBQ sauce. Either way… the fruit spreads deliver the sweet and then the heat!