About Us

Our Story Begins... Arawak Farm® Dry Rub/Spice Blends are inspired by the rich heritage found among the Arawak Indians. The Arawak Indians emigrated from South America in 600 A.D. and settled in the Caribbean. They were fishermen and farmers heralded for their unique methods of curing, seasoning and storing their meats, seafood and vegetables. The secret was to create a blend of the finest Caribbean spices! Arawak Farm® is proud to continue our family tradition with distinctive flavor profiles crafted for everyday recipes and special occasions. 
Like a delicious stew that starts with the perfect blending of ingredients,
Arawak Farm® combined a talented team starting with  Lloyd Vassell, the founder and CEO of Vassell Foods Inc. who took a leap of faith and started Vassell Foods and the Arawak Farm® brand
in 2013.
Lloyd Vassell
It was a dream of my father and mine to create products based on our Arawak heritage.After his passing, I started to give it more serious thought.
Speed up a few years, I was recovering from a surgery and had a chance to reconsider my life. 
My sister and wife asked what I wanted to do... I didn't know.
The suggestion from both of them... make and sell the sauces, fruit spreads and dry rubs I've made for years.
That's when I had my "ah ha" moment!
Lauren Vassell
Lauren Vassell provided the emotional and financial support required for me to start Vassell Foods.
Her keen mind is a great sounding board for corporate and collaborative decisions.
Lisa Payne-Chirico
Lisa Payne-Chirico, our Director of Visual Identity has been with me since 2014. 
She has helped to create our social media and visual identity.
She has given Vassell Foods our unique and recognizable “look and feel”.
Vassell Foods/ArawakFarm® is a minority-owned manufacturer of specialty foods, based in Oakland, California, that provides all natural, high quality gourmet products using only the finest ingredients.  Arawak Farm® products are free of preservatives and artificial ingredients. Our products are Plant-based, gluten-free, low sugar, low-sodium and low-calorie. Arawak Farm® blends fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and Indigernous peppers into products to be enjoyed in many gourmet and everyday recipes.
 Enjoy the next generation of spicy condiments!